Parsio Support Center

What is Parsio

Parsio is a data extraction tool that can help you automate different business processes of your company. The core feature of Parsio is email data extraction.

If you receive a lot of emails of the same type (order confirmations, sales transactions, invoices, receipts etc), Parsio can help you automatically extract the key data and send it wherever you need it.

Here are a few (real) use cases:

It's easy to get started with Parsio. Create a mailbox (a special email address) and send your first email. Then create a template to tell Parsio what data you need to extract.

Parsio will automatically extract the data from all the emails it will receive. Tip: It's generally a good idea to add auto forwarding rules using your email provider.

No matter if you forward 20, 2000 or 200000 emails, Parsio's robots are always ready to help your business grow 🤖

Once your emails have been processed, you can directly download the parsed data in your preferred format (CSV, Excel, JSON), export it to a Google Spreadsheet, or to your server using a webhook, or send it to hundreds of apps using Zapier.